Get Your Glow-up online
so that you’re aligning your passion with purpose and profit!

What is Slay Your Online Hustle?

Slay is your half-day, intensive and creative workshop (starting in D.C.!) where two industry experts, Bren Herrera and Vicky Ayala, break down the essential and key ingredients to becoming a present, visible, relevant and bankable brand.

With over 30 combined years of experience in marketing, television, entertainment, and design – we have the collective mojo to put you in the right direction so that your SLAY is stylish, creative, purpose-driven, AND profitable!

Whether your product is tangible or virtual, you are going to learn how to kill it online.

Why Now? 

Look, who are we fooling? It’s 2018. The world is evolving and digital platforms as we know are moving faster than your fancy coffee perculates.

Somewhere in your soul is that inner voice who tells you that you totally can do this, with your own unique style AND on your own terms.

You know you have the IT factor — the vision, the resources, the aesthetics, maybe even a solid tribe — but you’ve probably hit a wall when bringing your magic to the world. Or maybe you simply just don’t know where to start.

Mailchimp or Ontraport, Instagram or Snapchat, WordPress or Squarespace – so many options and not enough wine to help you figure it all out!

Are you tired of watching everyone rock
that millennial pink all the way to the bank?

Do you ever wonder if your online hustle
has the goods to make it?

Does the idea of starting from scratch
give you anxiety?

If so then you need to attend the “Slay Your Online Hustle” workshop!

We are here to help you sort it all out.

Nestled on a picture-worthy, very GRAM-able street in the heartbeat of current events, we’ll all gather at the lovely townhouse of the Congressional Black Caucus Institute. Bren’s got a reason for doing it here…

We’ve got a really great (and delicious) Sunday planned for you.

We are calling it The Menu.

What's on the menu?

We’ll have some really good espresso, tea and juice to waken the inner go-getter in you and then move into two intensive sessions, one with Bren and the other with Vicky.

Since we are going to be hanging out in a swanky brownstone on Capitol Hill, we have a kitchen. For lunch, we’ll have small bites to nosh on while you mingle with your slay sistas (men, this is for you, too.).

** Water and light snacks will be available throughout the day. **


Amuse Bouche

Arrive and get settled in. Connect with the other ladies and get your head in the game!



Welcome remarks from the Slay hosts, Bren & Vicky. We’ll talk about how the day will flow and get you hyped to uplevel your hustle.


First Course
Cultivate your Expert Brand

During this session, you will learn how to:

  • Find your niche, brand hook, and identify your brand voice
  • Establish your brand and learn how to find the right graphics
  • Perfect your style with quality assets such as photos and videos
  • Uplevel your networking so you can pitch for brand & media opportunities


Palate Cleanser

Go outside and snap a pic of the Capitol for the ‘gram. Breathe. Ask us questions. Look over your notes.  Get ready for the second half.


Second Course
Organize Your Creative Genius

During this session, you will learn how to:

  • Monetize your expertise with a business that fits your brand & wallet
  • Structure your digital home so that you have a website working FOR you
  • Build a relationship with your audience, customer, and tribe via email
  • Plan you content for the year so you’re consistent with how you show up



A quick conversation on next steps so that you’re walking out into the world with a solid game plan for SLAYING your online hustle. Ask any lingering questions and exchange contact information with your new entrepreneurial girlfriends!

You’ll leave with a head full of information, a notepad replete with gems YOU WILL want to got back to and reference, and a new tribe of slay sistas who are now in it to win it with you!

Most importantly, you’ll leave fueled with
passion, determination, and confidence
to slay your online hustle!

This is your year!

Your Investment



By March 1 at midnight. Regular price is $399.

Seating is limited, and no we are not saying this as a marketing tactic. Seating really is limited. Only 20 chairs for you to sit and get cozy so it’s first come, first serve!

Event Details
Location & Other FAQs
Where will we SLAY together?

Congressional Black Caucus Institute
413 New Jersey Ave, SE

Is breakfast included in the price?

A light but delicious breakfast will be offered. Come caffeinated or not, we’ll get you started. Since we start at 10am, you may want to nosh on something before you get there.

Is the venue Metro accessible?

Yes! The townhouse is adjacent to the Metro and just one block. Get off at Capitol South Metro station (blue, orange, and silver lines).

Is there free Wi-Fi?

Yes! We all know the drill upon visiting a venue, “Excuse me, do you have WiFi?” I mean, it is a life essential. We can’t SLAY without it!

What do I need to bring?
A willing and ready mind and spirit. Your fave lunch in a bag (or Bento box), your questions and lot of smiles. We’ll have pretty notepads, pens and pencils for you take notes. We also recommend bringing your laptop.

Why isn’t a full lunch provided?

Good question for which we have three really good answers.

1. We have a lot of work to do and a formal lunch will dig into our time together. And we all tend to get a bit lethargic after a meal. Think about it. How often do you want to take a nap after a big meal? And, when is an hour lunch, REALLY just one hour?! We got work to do, sistars!

2. We are entrepreneurs working on slaying our hustle. Part of the process is understanding how to budget our time and resources. Working lunches are often part of the SLAY and we want to make sure the day is full of information so you can take action!

3. It was important to us to keep the price for you at a reasonable rate. A fully catered lunch would drive up the cost. Real talk. We also want to respect your time on a Sunday by keeping it light so you can get your hustle mojo on and get right back to your family, friends, and those guilty pleasure Sunday night shows. #RHOA anyone?!

Get to Know Your Slay Hosts!
Couch Bren.jpg

Bren Herrera, Media Personality & Lifestyle Expert

Bren Herrera is your girl next door (literally), who can’t function without her 4 shots of Cuban espresso and manages life with passion and a lot of love.

She’s a seasoned TV personality, author, lifestyle expert, activist and chef who left a lofty career in law (right here in D.C.) to live her life on her terms. 13 years as an entrepreneur has given Bren the knowledge, skills and understanding of what it takes to have a vision and turn into a relevant, sustainable and profitable brand.

From cooking, to fashion, travel, and social activism, Bren has built a solid brand that has staying power and meaningful impact.

The skinny on her? She’s a Today show and FOX 5 regular contributor, has worked on TV with J.Lo, supermodel Tyson Beckford, and others, has travelled the world, has published a cookbook (and is working on her 2nd title) and has negotiated on her terms with major brands like Sabra Hummus, Hilton Hotels, Target and many others.

You can read and see more on what she does on her site,, which, by the way, Vicky designed and built.


Vicky Ayala, Brand Strategist & Visual Storyteller

As creator of the Sacred Journey Oracle Deck and the Personal Brand Archetypes, Vicky shows multi-passionate women how to navigate the entrepreneurial journey with creativity and magic. Her signature program, Organize Your Creative Genius, helps women ideate their signature offering and manage the logistics for executing their online business.

Vicky has over 15 years experience in program development and vocational counseling within the social services sector and the startup industry. She has also worked with major media and entertainment brands such as NBC Universal and Vme TV.

It’s not just about building a website and crafting a kick-ass marketing plan. Vicky works one-on-one with coaches, performing artists, media personalities, and creative entrepreneurs to cultivate their personal brand and integrate their personality into a global online business.

When she’s not making magic, you can find Vicky musing about the entrepreneurial lifestyle while on an endless quest for the perfect chai tea latte. Vicky is also known for going on quirky adventures with her SLR camera and Spotify playlists in tow. (Monster ballads + freestyle, anyone?)

Your Investment



By March 1 at midnight. Regular price is $399.

Seating is limited, and no we are not saying this as a marketing tactic. Seating really is limited. Only 20 chairs for you to sit and get cozy so it’s first come, first serve!